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Used-Car Prices Shift Into Higher Gear

Kyle Stock, Bloomberg News (Bloomberg) — Who needs a 3-year Treasury bill when they could have a three-year-old Toyota? The latter is more lucrative and, at the moment, arguably a better investment. Consider this 2017 Toyota Tacoma pickup. In December, it sold for $26,000; today it’s listed for $31,000, just shy of its sticker price when […]

Looking to buy a used car? Experts say ask these 5 questions first

Aditi Shrikant @ADITI_SHRIKANT Nathan Clarke went from working a minimum wage job to having a net worth of $100,000 in less than 10 years. One way he saves money is by buying used cars — and always paying for them in cash. In the nine years since he turned 18, he has bought three used cars, two […]